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At the core, this game looks quite similar to Hello Nikki! However, it seems to have more robust features, and a heavier emphasis on story telling and dating elements.

It’s also a “Stat-Raising” game similar to Princess Maker (which I reviewed here) or Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side (which I reviewed here).

Without guidance, sims will sit indoors most of the day, only leaving the house to take out garbage or go to work. In short, it means that not every pairing is going to work.

You need to take the initiative on your sim’s behalf and order a more thorough exploration of the world around you. Your sim isn’t going to like everyone they’ll meet.

You can work part time to earn in game currency, or study different subjects to boost your stats which helps unlock new event scenes, jobs, or even new guys to meet.

Some sims in The Sims 4 may prefer the single life, but others - indeed, perhaps the majority - want a mate.

There are a few ways for your sims to meet other, unrelated sims: Is that sim right for me? Possessed of a different combination of Aspirations and Traits, the many sims of The Sims 4 are bound to act, and react, in vastly different ways from one another. Indeed, some sims will outright one another, because their viewpoints are radically different, and attempting to forge a relationship between two such passionate haters… (Not unless you’re really looking for a challenge.) As such, you should test the waters a bit with prospective romantic candidates before sending your sim in for the kill.

There are a few different ways of doing this: One other suggestion: click through your conversation options until you see several broad, overarching categories.

Friendship points are displayed as a green bar, both under each sim’s Relationship tab (bottom-right corner in Live Mode) and under the sim’s portrait, displayed at the top of the screen whenever you click on the sim.

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An otome game literally means “girl game” and is part of the larger subset of simulation games made popular in Japan.

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