Orange blossom dating

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Orange blossom dating

Dates have been enjoyed in the Middle East for over 5,000 years.

In the Book of Exodus, Israel is referred to as a “land flowing with milk and honey.” Historians believe that the honey referenced in the Torah was not made by bees… According to by Gil Marks, dates were likely an important part of the patriarch Abraham’s diet.

For schedule and ticket information: click on the “Ticket” tab and select your date. Fares are .00 to .00 for Adults and .80 to .20 for Children ages 4 to 12. All Saturday trains will feature steam power with the exception of Saturday, January 14.

Monday was a happy sunny day, with the tiny tigers, my scrapbooks and sewing machine.

I recently read about all the benefits of dates, and was amazed to see that they are renowned to uplift your mood and cure mild winter blues.

I couldn’t wait to make a date and almond cake, and added two of my favourite ingredients – orange blossom water and a shot of espresso. I wanted to bake it in a bundt cake pan to give it an old-fashioned twist along with the dripping salted caramel glaze. I highly recommend serving this cake with a cup of hot almond milk, a drink I love ordering in Chinese cafés.

Dwight and I literally sat in front of the TV the whole time, ate lots of good food, drank beer, and enjoyed the commercials.

To my surprise, unlike it was in the past I enjoyed watching the game as much as watching the commercials, mainly because at the beginning of the game Dwight agreed to answer my football related questions as they came up throughout the game.

I quickly made my , which has been my go-to cookbook for the last 3 months.They’re all natural, bite-sized vegan treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Your host will thank you, and so will the guests– just be sure to let everybody know they contain nuts, in case anybody is nut allergic.They go great with a hot glass of Moroccan mint tea – or ice cold vodka, if that’s you’re thing!The Orange Blossom Carnival is an annual celebration held every April in Adana, Turkey.It is an inspiration to the blossom scent that covers the orange tree lined streets during early April.

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Take the train, stay to eat & shop, and catch a train back to your starting point.