Linkedin profile updating

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Linkedin profile updating

This is something that’s enabled by default, but Linked In does make it easy to opt out if you’re not into that kind of expanded distribution, and you can always specify what kind of specifics your profile contains.Linked In also will be seeking out your various plaudits and accomplishments, and will suggest that you share those with your network to better demonstrate your value, I guess.Let’s face it: The industry is famous for carefully managed, close personal networks.And letting others tell your story was, until recently, a common practice.“Repetitive corporate jargon will turn off potential new employers so instead of describing ourselves as ‘specialised’, ‘creative’ or ‘hard working’, why not bring your professional accomplishments to life by sharing samples of your work on Linked In like presentations or photos from events to demonstrate how you live these buzzwords, not merely say them.” Bestselling biographer Christopher Sandford said that the language we use says a lot about us so it’s important to choose carefully, especially in a professional context."Too often we hide behind buzzwords which don’t mean anything, whether out of a desire to keep things simple, or because we don’t feel confident talking about our work accomplishments," he said.The further back you go in your career timeline, the more “less is more” rings true.Your skills section is a keyword oasis, which can make loading it with the maximum allowed 50 skills pretty tempting.

So, allow your past two roles to sell you and boil anything seven to 10 years in the past down to the essentials (which in some cases might include just your job title and company name).

It used to be you could make a few strategic calls and manifest your next professional adventure.

Or maybe you were fortunate enough to have a “rabbi” who ensured you’d have job options to maximize your talent and expertise.

What’s interesting about this now is that it provides more insight into Microsoft’s priorities as it moves forward with Linked In’s product development.

With its largest desktop redesign ever, Linked In is fighting the good fight against distraction.

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