Knights code of chivalry dating back to the dark ages

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Knights code of chivalry dating back to the dark ages

We may reduce the ancient code of chivalry into ten "Commandments".

The most important and the most sacred of them is the first Commandment.

Including under this term every kind of brotherhood of knights, secular as well as religious, historians of the military orders have enumerated as many as a hundred, even after eliminating the apocryphal and stillborn.

This great number is explained by the eagerness with which the Middle Ages welcomed an institution so thoroughly corresponding to the two occupations of that period, war and religion.

These sacred oaths were combined with the ideals of chivalry and with strict rules of etiquette and conduct.

The idea and ideals of a Medieval Code of Chivalry was publicised in the poems, ballads, writings and literary works of Medieval authors.

The "Song of Roland" describes the 8th century Knights of the Dark Ages and the battles fought by the Emperor Charlemagne.

Today, a number of orders of knighthood continue to exist in several countries, such as the English Order of the Garter, the Swedish Royal Order of the Seraphim, and the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Each of these orders has its own criteria for eligibility, but knighthood is generally granted by a head of state to selected persons to recognize some meritorious achievement.The Most Dangerous Game Daily Language Practice The Interlopers Island of the Blue Dolp Lord of the Flies The Outsiders Writing References Romeo and Juliet Resour Identity Project Resour Speak 9-10 Mythology Wiki King Arthur Wiki It is generally assumed that there was a real King Arthur although the information is obscure.He was probably a Celtic chieftain who fought off the Angle and Saxon invaders during the 5th and 6th centuries.The thought of God filled knights’ hearts, and the main part of the medieval knight’s service was due to the Church.We know from the Gospel chronology that the Bethany second-marriage anointing of Jesus by Mary Magdalene was in the week before the Crucifixion.

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Royalty afterwards utilized this new idea to strengthen its own position or to reward faithful nobles, creating secular orders of knighthood until there was no country without its royal or princely order.