Database not updating from stored procedures

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To create a stored procedure the syntax is fairly simple: A benefit of stored procedures is that you can centralize data access logic into a single place that is then easy for DBA's to optimize.

Stored procedures also have a security benefit in that you can grant execute rights to a stored procedure but the user will not need to have read/write permissions on the underlying tables. Stored procedures do come with downsides, basically the maintenance associated with your basic CRUD operation.

A user-defined stored procedure that has the same name as a system stored procedure and is either nonqualified or is in the dbo schema will never be executed; the system stored procedure will always execute instead. Using an explicit schema qualifier also provides a slight performance advantage.

Name resolution is slightly faster if the Database Engine does not have to search multiple schemas to find the procedure.

# denotes a local temporary stored procedure; ## denotes a global temporary stored procedure.

These procedures do not exist after SQL Server is shut down.

We recommend that you do not create any stored procedures using sp_ as a prefix.

SQL Server uses the sp_ prefix to designate system stored procedures.

Private and global temporary stored procedures, analogous to temporary tables, can be created with the # and ## prefixes added to the procedure name.

You will need to verify with your particular DBMS help documentation for specifics.

As I am most familiar with SQL Server I will use that as my samples.

Those statements include listing stored procedures and showing the stored procedure’s source code.

To display characteristics of a stored procedure, you use the statement is a My SQL extension to SQL standard.

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The various software systems used to maintain relational databases are known as a relational database management system (RDBMS).

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