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Currently your model has multiple records per Room, one per Slot.

Visitor information contains primary contact information and where on the site they started the chat.

I just need a way of demonstrating whether a room is full or not - and visually how many slots remain. Not Null , Constraint FK_Residency_Rooms Foreign Key ( dorm_building, dorm_room ) References Rooms ( dorm_building, dorm_room ) , ...

occupant_num is just a place holder indicating that this record is for x slot in the room - but the specific slot is inconsequential. ) Select Rooms.dorm_building, Rooms.dorm_room , Rooms.

You can create private chat rooms and invite people you choose.

Chat Ville was once available through Facebook as an app, but it is now reachable directly through the Chat Ville website.

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By having this information readily available, agents can serve customers more efficiently and improve CSAT.